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Stuffed Toys

The idea for American Pet Rescue – Stuffed Toys was developed to promote the rescue, through adoption, of cats and dogs from shelters or rescue groups.

If children learn at an early age what a wonderful thing it is to adopt they can carry this through their life and inspire other children and adults to rescue.

It is not always feasible for a family to have a cat or dog, or to have more than one pet. Through American Pet Rescue – Stuffed Toys families can adopt a stuffed animal. APR will introduce a new pet for adoption every 4 months, alternating between cats and dogs. Each pet will come with a story book about their rescue.

A portion of the sales will go to funding the American Pet Rescue Shelter to eventually be built in Knoxville, Tennessee. We are currently looking for acreage and funding for the shelter.

The first pet up for adoption will be Cinder, a female Maine Coon who is as sweet and loveable as she appears.

This will be available in August.