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Hey, here's Obi Wan!

Obi Wan is a short hair gray tabby, with a hint of Siamese in there.

Meet Me!

Hi, I'm Snow!

Snow is a beautiful quite mischievous pure white long hair.

Meet Me!

Hi, I'm Cheri!

Cheri is a sweet German Shepherd and Greyhound mix. 

Meet Me!

We are American Pet Rescues

Animal Pet Rescues is not just a shelter, but a family. We are guardians to a large brood of rescued dogs and cats and we are wanting to grow! With multiple awards and recognitions and years of experience and volunteer work, we give our lives to the animals as we work to find them a “fur-ever” home. 

Cats & Dogs

Our primary purpose is to rescue mistreated or homeless animals and find them homes.

In house training

We will work closely with every animal we take in to get them one step closer to adoption. 

Raised with love

We treat every animal we take in like our own until we can find them a permanent home. 

Latest Posts

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Adopting vs Buying

Hello Future Fur Parents! Adopt from a shelter or a rescue group or buy a puppy or young kitten from a breeder? This is one of the biggest decisions you will make when decided you want to expand your …
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Coming in August

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